Jodie Landon 

Jodie Landon and I are basically the same person.

If you aren’t familiar with Landon, she is a fictional character on the 90s hit show Daria. She, among the other characters in the show, was THE black girl. 

The token black girl, the black girl with versatile hairstyles, the smart black girl, the trendy black girl. She was the black girl in a school that was mainly occupied by white students – which is incredibly similar to my life as well. Jodie’s storyline was probably not always relatable to every fan of Daria, but to me, I was seeing myself on the screen. 
For example, in an episode entitled “Gifted,” Jodie says: “At home, I’m Jodie. I can say or do whatever feels right. But at school, I’m the Queen of the Negroes. The perfect African-American teen. The role model for all of the other African-American teens at Lawndale.”

This parallel of personalities that Jodie describes are exactly how I feel. When I am at home or around family, the way I talk and behave are completely different than how I act at school. This is common for everyone, but as a black girl, I understand what it is like to wear a “mask.” I do not want people at school to tell me how much they love rap music. I do not want them to say “Lee, go ahead and whip!” Why would I do that? It’s because of my skin color, right? 

Jodie described herself as the “queen of the negroes,” and from my experience, I feel the exact same. For the record, I am not the spokesperson for all black people. Not all black people like the same things or partake in the same activities. So, in a majority white school, that one black kid in your grade is not a representation for all black people or “queen of the negroes.”

am I a queen? yes. am I queen of the negroes? no.

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